Show your support

For restoring the statue of Saint Gertrude, stained-glass windows and other artwork (bells, etc.) from the previous church, as well as buying furniture and other items to be included in the new church, by making a donation to the Gertrudis Foundation!

The church reconstruction budget does not cover the cost of restoring and conserving the artwork, or buying the furniture that will be placed inside.

To cover these costs, some parishioners have founded a charitable trust, the Gertrudis Foundation.

The Gertrudis Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation have agreed a partnership, which means that every donation to the King Baudouin Foundation goes in full to the Gertrudis Foundation with tax relief for donations over €40 made in the same year.

Simply send your donation to the King Baudouin Foundation’s account (IBAN) BE10 0000 0000 0404 ­– (BIC: BPOTBEB1) with the payment reference 128/2860/00080. The reference is extremely important: without it the King Baudouin Foundation cannot forward your donation to the Gertrudis Foundation.

You can also donate towards restoring a specific item. Simply email the Gertrudis Foundation at the same time as making your payment.

Of course, we welcome other forms of support or sponsorship. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at with your suggestions. Huge thanks in advance for your generosity!

Publisher: Baudouin Boone c/o Gertrudis Foundation, registration number 642.897.489, registered office Rue Sainte Gertrude, 17 to 1040 Etterbeek – Tel: 0478 488309